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Leaders in the Field of Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

Traffic Engineering, Inc. established in 1997, is a professional Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning specialty firm located just west of Indianapolis, Indiana. Services are provided throughout the state of Indiana and the Midwest.

Est. 1997

Exceptional Service. Creative Solutions.

Efficient. Logical. Effective.

For 20+ years, Traffic Engineering has been committed to providing clients with exceptional service and a creative work product, and we are equally committed to remaining leaders in the field of Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning.

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Traffic Engineering Inc. was created in response to the growing demand for creativity within the traffic engineering profession. The reputation we strive to maintain is one of efficiency and logic. Please contact us to discover how we can help solve your traffic issues.

Chet Skwarcan, award-winning engineer, writer and industry innovator in the field of traffic engineering is known for leveraging his creativity, logic and technology to solve today’s engineering challenges.

An originator of applying crowd-sourced collaboration techniques to online traffic data, his strategy and data has been adopted by international technology brands including Google. Residing in central Indiana, Chet spends his free time flying drones, writing, reading and spending quality time with his wife and family.

We can help you improve traffic conditions and travel patterns.